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Ordinary Zenspiration: Find Your Chill, Find Your Fun, Find Yourself, by April Cacciatori

The key to living your best life

can be found in these 4 words:

Gratitude. Love. Learn. Play.

Ordinary Zenspiration inspires you to dig a little deeper for the pure gold that lives within each of us. We get this one life, this one go-round, so don’t waste another minute ignoring the ordinary!

Your life is happening right now. Are you spending it living in future excuses? When the weekend comes…when I get time…when I get a raise…

Empower your NOW by embracing the ordinary through introspective pause and the action steps that April shares with each Zenspiration. Awareness, self-care, and stepping beyond your comfort zone is where transformation happens.

We were put here on earth to flourish with abundant love. It’s readily available to you because you already possess it. Let’s access that well together.

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