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Original Mind Disconnect, by Michael R. Bailey

A man takes a journey back in time through the ghost of his third great-grandmother to relive the horrors of slavery.

Jericho Streeter, a successful sports agent, finds himself confronted with the past through Sudie, an ancestor who was an enslaved woman. She believes that with his success and clout he should join the fight for reparations. He is resistant to this, and not even her forcing him to witness the brutality of slavery will sway him. While contending with this emotional challenge, Jericho has to contend with his real-world foe Zack Mandel, a rival agent who has some information that could ruin Jericho.

In Michael Bailey’s Original Mind Disconnect we experience raw ambition, the pursuit of competition, and the cutthroat world of millions of dollars to be made from superstar athletes, while also examining the history and connection of family ties, and how our past informs our present.

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