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Overlord, by Eric James Fullilove

In a chilling and thought-provoking glimpse of a terrifying near-future, author Eric Fullilove’s Overlord explores the catastrophic consequences of climate change if it were to happen tomorrow.

Melting ice at the poles triggers a sudden drop in the North American tectonic plate. Within months, the United States has been irreversibly transformed — New York and Miami have been swallowed by rising seas, and California has been claimed by the ocean. The refugees from those areas, known as “coasties,” are forced to scavenge for resources amidst the ruins of their former world, while facing an evolving existential threat.

For ex-Miami police officer Madison Cervantes and her weary salvage crew a burning oil rig in the polluted Gulf is another life or death assignment – put out the fire before the Gulf itself ignites – when they end up on the wrong side of a big storm. Unable to escape the flames or the weather, they must beat back the apex predators lurking in the waters and hope that the weather clears before their ammo runs out…

Full of heart-stopping action and heart-wrenching moments, Overlord is a haunting exploration of a possible future that will leave readers questioning the impact of climate change on our planet and our way of life.

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