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Paul and Bucky: A True Story of a Wild Friendship, by Patty Shenker

When eight-year-old Paul went to on a road trip with his dad and uncle, he expected some adventures. What he didn’t expect was to make a friend with a wild animal that would lead him to his calling in life.

Join Paul on his embarkment into the Canadian
wilderness, where he emerges with an unlikely
companionship and a newfound sense of purpose.

This true story is one of compassion, courage, and
dedication—and is an absolute inspiration for readers of all ages!

“I am deeply touched by this story of Bucky and me.

Patty Shenker has captured a very important time in my childhood, specifically a time that set the foundation for my life’s work.

Seventy years later, I still fondly remember my little friend and the fun days we spent
together in his pond.

Her words, beautifully illustrated by David Walega, demonstrate that when a child is touched by the wild, it is a lasting and powerful connection.”

-Captain Paul Watson

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