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Payback, by R. A. Van Vleet

“Payback isn’t a normal thriller crime novel, it’s larger than that. It’s a story about love found, love lost, and love betrayed. I was shocked at the ending of the novel because it really wasn’t the end—it could be just the beginning.” – Tag Gilbert

Payback is an adult crime thriller loosely based on two true crimes connected by a single deadly source.

The first crime revolves around Ian Martin, owner of Martin’s Investigation, Security, and Bond Enforcement Agency. Mrs. Betty Huntington hires Ian’s agency to determine if her husband, Harold, is up to something sinister. When Harold catches Megan, one of Ian’s agents, filming him engaged in a tryst with a young woman, he resorts to deadly measures to protect his wealthy wife from discovering his affair. Ian’s friend, Detective Michael Ryan, takes charge of the investigation.

The second case follows Police Officer Carl Castello and his ex-wife, Kari Singleton, a defense attorney who compelled Carl into a divorce. Ian Martin and his team collaborate with Kari. When one of her clients goes missing and Ian uncovers the murder of another, followed by more victims, it becomes a race against time for Ian and his crew to uncover the identity behind these brutal attacks and killings.

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