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Pith, by William Guest

Pith, the fifth book of lyric poems by William Guest, delves into a wide array of themes and styles, offering vignettes of rich and joyful moments. These poems explore experiences with family, the passage of time, and the mysteries of life and death. While building upon the themes explored in his previous works, Guest ensures a fresh perspective to avoid redundancy.

In essence, Pith aims to cast a broad net around the human experience, touching upon the enigmatic realms of birth, existence, relationships, and mortality. The possibilities and topics are endless, and in this new addition, Who Are We? Man and Cosmology, Guest ventures into these profound questions through the medium of verse.

William Guest, a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Law School, has dedicated much of his life to the practice of law and business ventures, all while pursuing his passion for sculpting and poetry. His previous collections of lyric poems include What I Cannot Abandon, Time Do Not Stop, Out of the Dark, and Never Enough. In addition to his poetic endeavors, he has also authored a captivating travel journal titled Places You Want to Go, chronicling his adventures in the Arctic, Antarctica, the Amazon, and his experiences at the Yeats Poetry Festival in Sligo, Ireland.

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