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Playing Mantis, by D’ann Katsu Davis

Playing Mantis is the spiritual autobiography of a praying mantis, an allegorical memoir, and the lyrics to the author’s wordless music. D’Ann Katsu’s writing also sings—like the impossible vocal range of her concerts—in a voice free of gender, culture, and even species.

Playful as it is poetic and profound, Playing Mantis redefines god, sex, birth, and death. It is also a fresh and integrated contemplation of the universe Herself. It is timeless and timely, global, and uniquely American myth that embraces this condition we all share.

“Playing Mantis is a work of genius. It is the right book, at the right time.” Author, artist, and spiritualist, Carol Hiltner

It is not the story of good versus evil—again. Instead Playing Mantis connects the dots, notes, and octaves between healing the self, healing society, and healing the earth.

D’Ann Katsu’s writing also, like her singing, reconnects us to the creative stillness within—that liminal space of insight and healing. Ultimately, and in the end, Playing Mantis is a story about real magic.

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