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Poems That Wrote Me, by Karissa Whitson

When books are written, published, and shown to the world, they’re introduced like a collection of work, but this book, hopefully when it finds you, should feel more like you’re being introduced to someone you once knew and will be glad to know again.

This collection of poetry will tear through the reader’s every understanding of what it means to be human, to truly feel, experience, and understand the world and themselves. Written here are some of the darkest parts of what it means to feel, as well as some of the gracefulness of what it means to know peace after it all.

Poems That Wrote Me showcases the most raw, delicate, and vulnerable parts of the world through the eyes of Karissa (Kyler) Whitson all the way from the first feelings of fear, loss, and dread, to the understanding of how to find calm and quiet in a world that can seem far too loud.

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