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Rescripting the Workplace, by Pam Boyd

Tutored by her own painful journey out of confusion and disappointment with bosses, coworkers, and the work environment, Pam Boyd in Rescripting the Workplace delivers powerful, down-to-earth strategies for transforming your life at work not in the distant future, but right now.

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Praise for one of Pam Boyd’s other books, The Two-Minute Tune-Up:

“Super-inspiring. Pam draws on a wide range of references and life experience to deliver daily insights to get us in the right frame of mind. We could all do with a two-minute tune up every day, and this book provides it!” ~Tom Butler-Bowdon, author of 50 Success Classics and Never Too Late To Be Great

“If you would like a gem of a book that is jam packed with, what I call, “the exact right words, at the exact right time,” then the Two Minute Tune-Up, by Pam Boyd is beyond perfect. I love being able to open ANY page and know that in two minutes or less, I will get the precise guidance that I need – in that very moment. This book may well become my new best friend.” ~Linda Larsen, Motivational Speaker and Author of 12 Secrets to High Self-Esteem

The expertise Pam Boyd has to speak about working drama-free came from being a well-seasoned, back-stabbing, finger-pointing, excuse-making, victim-playing, pathologically negative person who thought she was just standing up for herself and telling it like it was.

Then a good boss named Don Dungy helped her understand that she was responsible for all the “political” mistreatment she was getting, and thereby changed her life at work. Pam is now living the life of her dreams: speaking, writing, training, and consulting around the world.

If you would benefit from a daily two-minute reminder concerning rescripting your life, follow her Two-Minute Tune-Up blog at

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