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Rescue Mission, by Gad Kaynar-Kissinger

Rescue Mission’s poems offer a web of delicate, paradoxical, surprising and explosive imagery coupled with multi-layered references to western culture, ancient mythologies, the scriptures and the arts. This tragic-ironic, Dantean ride will have you turning the pages. Ripe age on the brink mixes with childhood ridden by Gothic nightmares, mature Eros with playful Thanatos, Pan with the pandemic, the personal with the political, Apocalypse with Resurrection. Lose no precious despair, ye who enter here.

Gad Kaynar-Kissinger is a Professor at the Theatre Arts Department, Tel Aviv University, dramaturg, editor, actor, director and drama translator. He published eight poetry volumes in Hebrew. His poems were translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Greek and Arabic. He bears the ASI Poetry Award from the General Association of Writers in Israel. The poems were exquisitely translated by Natalie Fainstein.

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