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Rise of Ancients, by Allen Rebot

All engravings on the sarcophagus are warnings.

Enclosed within is immortal destruction. Enclosed within is Hades, the god of death.

Matt Ontoradugh: Standing in the ashes of his previous life, recent divorcee Matt Ontoradugh thought he had hit rock bottom. Having stumbled onto a gruesome crime scene with his coworker Kevin Straus, he never knew just how wrong he could be. Suspiciously knowledgeable, his coworker hands him a shovel and digs them both deeper into an undead nightmare and the secrets of Matt’s past.

Hades: Entombed by his own brothers and sisters for a crime he didn’t commit, Hades is forced into a paralytic prison with nothing more than his own thoughts to keep him company. Two millennia have passed since their betrayal. Unintentionally freed from his disguised confinement into a bustling modern world, he sets out once again to enact a ritual to bring back his slain love, and to take revenge on the ones who he had once called family.

The sins of the gods have fallen upon humanity’s shoulders. While the ravenous dead spread like a wildfire through the city of Chicago, patient eyes conspire from the shadows.

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