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Rosenthal Academy: Intruder’s Leverage, by M. Angely

One night changed her life forever.

In one night Marie-Mai’s life takes a dark turn when notorious criminal Alexei Kovalenko invades her home, drugging and kidnapping her. She becomes her captor’s leverage, forcing her into a dangerous game. As April and her team of agents rally, they rely on Marie-Mai to help capture a greater threat: Kiernan Carter. Their common enemy forces an unlikely alliance, but Marie-Mai quickly discovers that she is wildly unprepared for the brutal reality of this battle to the death.

In this thrilling sequel to Rosenthal Academy, Marie-Mai is thrust into a treacherous world of deception and hidden enemies. With her survival at stake, she must navigate a web of lies while struggling to identify who she can trust. Alexei Kovalenko further complicates matters, dismantling the walls she built to protect herself. Defenseless against his charm and the tension whenever he’s near, Marie-Mai finds herself at odds with her mission.

Will Marie-Mai overcome the distractions that threaten her mission, or will she falter in the face of danger, outmatched by those who have trained relentlessly for this very moment? Can she match the skills of agents who have trained their entire lives, all while her life hangs in the balance?

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