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Run!: My Story of LGBTQ+ Political Power, Equality, and Acceptance in Silicon Valley, by Ken Yeager Ph.D.

Run! tells the story of how LGBTQ+ people in San Jose/Silicon Valley progressed from being political outcasts to becoming a force that gained political power, equality, and acceptance.
Having lived and breathed queer activism for almost 40 years, Ken Yeager is uniquely positioned to tell the story of how this happened. The strategies he used and the lessons he learned will serve as a guide for activists organizing to counter the current uptick of anti-gay and anti-trans hostilities in their communities.

Run! also serves as a primer for LGBTQ+ people thinking of running for office. As the first openly gay elected official in Santa Clara County who served 26 years in public office, Ken Yeager details his numerous campaigns and provides a checklist for how to achieve electoral victory.

Winning by itself isn’t enough. It’s what you do while in office that matters. Known as one of the most effective local elected officials, read how Ken Yeager crafted landmark legislation to improve the quality of life of LGBTQ+ people and all residents of Santa Clara Valley.
After reading his book, you’ll be inspired to take him up on his call to Run, Baby, Run! for office.
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