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Shadow Truths, by V. Rendina

The raw ache of a pulled tooth, a sharp, throbbing twist of comfort rooted deep inside its own discomfort. The brutal honesty of a smoking gun, its hazy burden of proof hanging heavy in the air. The desperate pleas in an abandoned confessional, teeth clenched around prayers meant for no one and anyone who will listen.

In this stirring new collection of poems from the dangerous mind of V. Rendina, Shadow Truths casts painful realities out of the heavy darkness and into the beckoning light. Sixteen stories spoken best in a smoke and mirrors trick of verse, Shadow Truths reflects the journey of healing, from trauma and suffering, to existentialism and dread. A funhouse mirror maze in search of self-reflection, this collection lifts the veils on a captivating descent into madness through a world buckling beneath its lies. And when you make it out alive,


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