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Shadows of Reality (The Cycle of Eden Book 3), by Daniel Varona

Revenge or Redemption: what does Eden truly desire?

Seth’s prophesied journey resumes on the Dark Continent, his main focus once again to take down the Hands of Sin, the culprits who twisted the world’s morals. However, history has shown that these masters of the dark arts never go quietly into the night. In the shadows where they festered and thrived, they have forged new realities that have plagued Eden, causing the world to forget what it once was.

As the Young God strives to rehabilitate hope into the world, the Neo God, Seth’s brother of Darkness, always makes sure he is one step ahead to deliver despair instead. He and his Hands of Sin are determined to test the hero’s limits, unearthing unsolicited fears and desires that will extinguish the Light forever.

In The Cycle of Eden: Shadows of Reality, we revisit the series’ roots, tying loose ends and answering long-awaited questions on Eden’s lost history, revealing a tragic past filled with twists and turns that continue to haunt our heroes in the present age.

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