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Shadows of Robyst, by K. E. Maroudas

Until three years ago, Robyst was a normal city like any other.

But normalcy is relative. Before an attack from a foreign power brought the city to its knees, it was normal for Liza Clarke to attend school and argue with her siblings. Now she, her siblings, and her friends have become Shadows. Cloaked in the darkness of what used to be, they patrol the streets and administer vigilante justice to any who prey on the city’s suffering population. Both feared and respected, Liza has learned to suppress her emotion and focus on commanding the Shadows. When this new normal is also shattered, Liza must go from fighting a few local criminals to facing those who left many of her people orphaned in the first place.

In Shadows of Robyst by K.E. Maroudas we experience the power of found family, the desire to protect the people we care about, and the question of how far someone will go to fight for what they believe in.

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