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Shining New Testament: The Cloning of Jay Christ, by Cliff Williamson

The title of this book is no accident! Shining New Testament is the story of the cloning of Jesus Christ.

Set during the time of The Ten Plagues, the saga follows our strange hero, Jay Christ, in his trek through the Americas, making his way from his birthplace in a Nazi-controlled commune in Argentina, playing golf in a truly surprising international tournament in the Andes foothills, as a crewman on a filthy trawler up the Pacific Coast, and through a series of exciting adventures in California, Oregon, and Washington, landing finally in a touching love affair in Miami. In the Books of the Relic, we follow the journey of genetic material which leads to Jay’s unlikely roots.

The Four Gospels named Matias, Marcos, Luigi, and Jane tell in their unique voices the story of Jay, and how his ability to heal and his love for great food and wine make him a reluctant, but beloved, hero. Complete with a dramatic shootout in Zimbabwe, a jaw-dropping genetic fashion show in New York City, and a sexy modern version of the Lord’s Prayer, you will be shocked and delighted by this book which is bound to create a stir, maybe even a book burning or two. Shining New Testament, by Cliff Williamson, overflows its pages with tales of humanity.

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