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Shogun Of The Heavens: The Fall Of Immortals, by I.D.G. Curry

In the ancient world, during the time of war, gods, and monsters. A sensation had been detected approaching Gaia, so ominous that it was felt across the cosmos by the few who dwelled in its supreme echelon.

One Fallen Immortal will be pursued by mercenaries, the divine, and above all, those he once held dear from his past life. The clashes between these factions will decide who becomes an ally or who’s next. The deep bonds of both friendship and love will be strained, some may even be severed.

How far would you go for the ultimate prize? How much would you be willing to sacrifice? Most of us spend so much time desperately holding on to what little we can. There are also those of us who are ostracized because we choose to walk a path different from our group or community and then for that simple choice, are treated as if we have committed treason. If you were given the opportunity to gain everything you always wanted at the cost of the aforementioned, would you take it? If your answer is yes, I invite you to turn these pages. If you don’t think it’s possible, I challenge you to witness as our champion accomplishes the impossible.

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