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Society, Suspicious, by Freeman Smith

Let’s excise our old, unpleasant, burdensome history. Let’s invent an American past we can rally around and get back to that place. Let’s bring back Fonzie and those Happy Days. Or get us back some 1864, and some all-out Civil War. 

It’s your choice, America. Go back or move forward. Human rights or nationalism. Freedom or slavery. Truth, progress and democracy or fantasy, fairy tales and fascism. Save the planet, or slave away under the heat of an angry Mother Earth stripped of her rights and soon to be denied birth control. And oh my, here comes a lonely, superfly Father Sky. He too, is unprotected. We’re all unprotected. 

Society, Suspicious is an experimental, genre-bending novel told by a sometimes insufferable, yet well-meaning, hilarious, formerly dead, formerly narcissistic poet, music idol and antithetical Quixote, fabricating imaginary social media windmills, and seeking revenge on America by starting a cult through conspiracy culminating with an insurrection on 1/6/21 at the wrong building.

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