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Solange: Daughter of Last French Casquette Bride in New Orleans, by Wanda Maureen Miller

In 18th century New Orleans, the daring, voluptuous Solange Bouligny de Villere Nunez Burke defies societal expectations by marrying three times to three different men under three different flags, ultimately becoming a success independent of her husbands.

First, Solange marries a childhood friend after being caught losing her virginity to him at sixteen. Influenced by his wealthy French father’s behavior, he tries and fails to control her. After fathering two children by Solange and one by his quadroon mistress, he dies in a military battle on the Ohio River.

Solange then alienates Creole society by secretly starting her own business and remarries a wealthy Spanish officer to save her son’s life. When [this husband] is mysteriously murdered during a Mardi Gras celebration, Solange is once again left a widow.

Long past the age when most women have thrown their corsets upon the armoire, she marries an ambitious American twenty years younger, with whom she had had a night of passion between husbands, resulting in a son assumed to be fathered by her Spanish husband. Solange and her American husband become a power in shipping and are eventually accepted by Creole Society.

In Solange: Daughter of Last French Casquette Bride in New Orleans, we experience the story of a woman facing and overcoming great obstacles [and having hot sex?], despite the confines of 18th century society.

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