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Soused at the Manor House, by Brian Crawford

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“Arousingly risque and taste bud titillating!”

“Charmed to have had an invitation to the party! Looking forward to many more. CHEERS!”

“In Soused at the Manor House by Brian Crawford we join the guests in black tie affair where we joyously experience a civilized invitation to flirt and imbibe. Written in humorous prose we follow the antics of the partygoers as they indulge in a night of risque frolicing and indulgence. “Ulterior Motive is far from the truth,” Sly Mark said to Victoria Sleuth. Leaning in to pour, His eyes told the truth. “Another drink my dear? It’s only 10 proof. Slip into one of the easy to make cocktail recipes and indulge in the antics. Fun to read and impossible to put down without blushing.”

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