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State Of Contempt: Ruination, by Tyler Dean Milligan

“The dark apocalyptic atmosphere and philosophical revelations at the world’s possible end are satisfying.” – Blue Ink Reviews

Trapped within the confines of Fort Leavenworth Military Prison, Duke Hollander yearns for redemption and the chance to reunite with his beloved wife and children. With only a few years left on his sentence, Duke strives to be a model prisoner and find solace in his faith-a quest put to the test when his cellmate is John Roberts, an inmate with a life sentence and nothing to lose.

As Duke navigates the challenges of prison life, an unexpected enemy emerges: Isaac Agigi, an old adversary. Suddenly, a massive explosion rocks Fort Leavenworth, shrouding it in chaos as the prison’s power mysteriously fails. Amid the turmoil, Duke faces a harrowing choice: stay and risk his life at the hands of Agigi and his ruthless allies or make a perilous escape with the unpredictable John Roberts.

Embark on a riveting journey with Duke as he battles through a dystopian landscape, fighting for his survival, his love, and the possibility of reuniting with his family. Can he overcome his adversaries and find his way back home, or will the shadows of his past consume him before he can grasp the future he so fervently seeks?

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