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Stranger on the Shore, by William J. Borak

This spellbinding fictional story spins a web of linked mysteries about a beautiful young woman, Marisa, who is found almost lifeless on the bank of the East River in New York City. The Investigating Detective’s preliminary conclusion — she “must have fallen out of the sky.”

Chris, grieving the loss of his fiancé Theresa, meets the enigmatic Arielle on the beach and agrees to meet her at a party. However, when he arrives at the party, he finds no sign of Arielle, but instead meets Marisa, a waitress who bears an uncanny resemblance to Theresa and even possesses her complete memory. Chris is stunned by the coincidence and wonders if everything is part of some greater plan orchestrated by Arielle.

As the story unfolds, Marisa’s identity is revealed and her destiny to face one of the most notorious cartel leaders in a deadly battle becomes clear. Along the way, Ana and Chris develop a tumultuous love affair, which ultimately leads Chris to fight by Ana’s side as she battles the cartel leader. But the story takes a twist when the mysterious Arielle appears at the most critical moment in the fight, adding another layer of mystery to the tale. Will Chris and Marisa triumph over their foes and find happiness together, or will the forces against them prove too strong? Follow along as The Stranger on the Shore unravels these mysteries and more.

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