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Such a Nice Girl, by Carol St. John


Who knows what makes us become whatever we are? My future was pulling me down a path I had never considered. It seemed to have its own mind, a force behind it that had come from the stars, or at least somewhere beyond my control…

“With Lily Woodhouse Carol St. John has given us a voice at once recognizable, yet entirely original. Lily is a small town girl with a simple life, perched on the verge of the future. When her family begins to fracture she finds an unlikely ally in Strange, a boy with little left to lose. But it’s when Lily meets Marshall, known as Brother Barry at the small church he runs in a nearby town, that life comes rushing at her. With her quirky insights and gentle sense of humor, Lily is the kind of girl you root for and wish you could spend time with. Luckily you can, in the form of St. John’s exquisitely rendered novel.”

~Christopher J. Anderson Executive Director, Eastern Point Lit House Gloucester, Massachusetts

“Carol St. John has written a book that poignantly describes a young woman’s awakening of passion, the loss of innocence and a family’s confrontation with secrets too long held. A must read.”

~Glenda Martin Bookwomen St.Paul, Minnesota

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Brooklyn born, Carol Egmont St. John is a mother of four young women, who she claims have taught her more than she could possibly teach them. She is a poet, an artist, a columnist, the author of three novels and a workshop facilitator dedicated to empowering women in their creative endeavors. Her current homes are in Rockport, Massachusetts and Green Valley, Arizona.