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Summer Triangle, by Elizabeth Webster

On the idyllic shores of Rehoboth Beach, three women burdened by pain and seeking refuge find solace and transformation in the unlikeliest of places.

Natalie, haunted by memories of her musician father, initially rejects Eliana’s invitation. But after her husband’s infidelity and a professional crisis, she reluctantly agrees. Eliana, eager to provide the perfect getaway, faces financial stress and family issues, turning her beach haven into a hiding place. Meanwhile, Allegra, an acclaimed model tired of tabloid headlines, seeks peace on the Delaware coast. Yet, her controlling ex-husband and an intrusive nanny threaten her tranquility.

Individually, their obstacles seem insurmountable, but together they discover the extraordinary power of female friendship.

Summer Triangle is a captivating testament to the resilience and growth found in the bonds between women. Against a breathtaking seaside backdrop, love, empowerment, and healing emerge. Join these extraordinary women as they navigate their traumas, confront betrayals, and embrace the strength of their tribe on a journey that will leave you inspired and longing for transformative connection.

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