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Tangled Iron Cages on the Prairie, by Cecil Homer

Tangled, trapped, tormented, tortured, transposed, transfigured, transformed, tragic, traveling through life: can naïve Bob, inquisitive Jennifer and controlling Helen become one in their twisted triangle in this comic tragedy where Anything Goes?

Bob, a student engineer lost in his infinities; daughter Jennifer, an emerging college intellectual in her search for freedom; mother Helen, a nurse with a past: all struggle individually and together on journeys from high school to college through iron cages of hope and disappointment to find who they are and want to become – and whether or not they will find love.

In Tangled Iron Cages on the Prairie, Cecil Homer explores the everyday humor and trauma of life in a direct sparse Midwest style to probe: tragedy, farm values, college experience, religion, deception, sex, blackmail, and troubled love in the 50s-60s transition on the Illinois farm plain.

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