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Telling Shadows, by Deborah Partington

“Is my husband lying? Is he having an affair? Why doesn’t he see me?” Jacki asks herself as dissatisfaction creeps into her seemingly perfect life with her husband, psychologist James Whitehead.

Jacki is a writer. She also harbors her own secrets. At the urging of her therapist who recognizes her literary sensibilities, she keeps a journal. When she comes across her husband’s notes on EL, a gifted and tormented artist, her journal takes on a new life. As her obsession with EL grows, she probes territory that borders on delusions.

Telling Shadows invites the reader to join Jacqueline Whitehead as she experiences a year of intense transformation. With her husband’s career established, Jacki leaves her office job to pursue her own career. As her emotional entanglement with EL grows, Jacki and her husband take a long-delayed honeymoon to Paris. While there, she meets a tarot reader who cautions her against simple answers to her dilemmas about marriage, writing, and motherhood. On her return, she finds her town not changed; she has. It is up to her to free herself from the long fingers of shadows that have wrapped themselves around her.

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