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The Absurdity of Doing You: Rebel Elegance for the Evolving Soul, by Janine Nicole Dennis


A new era of life is beckoning and inviting us all to come home to ourselves. Will you answer the call?

We may never unlock all the paradoxes and truths of being a human, but it is important to share the lessons, stories, and revelations that become available to each of us as we journey through this sentient experience we call life. The sages, gurus, spiritual teachers, and creatives of our time have all given us imperfect, yet practical guidance for what they believe our existence on Earth has to offer. I am offering you my rebellious take on this finite ride we’re on through the prismatic expression of my existence and experiences now.

The Absurdity of Doing You: Rebel Elegance for the Evolving Soul lives up to its title as it defies genres aesthetically while chronicling my life story so far in a collection of raw anecdotes, vivid recollections, and thoughtful reflections that serve as a scintillating, call-to-action for all humans and playbook on how being yourself can lead to some of our darkest days unlocking blessings, abundance, and evolution well beyond what we can imagine.

Let’s ascend together.

~Janine Nicole Dennis

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