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The Boys & Girls of America, by Christopher Gould

In 1985, aspiring writer, James Castle, applied to Edsen College, his dream school, but didn’t get in. Six years later, James is Edsen’s newly appointed writer-in-residence and has the chance to return to Edsen and experience all he missed.

James is the author of the celebrated novel Wit’s End. While the novel puts him on the literary map, it surreptitiously deals with some deep, dark family secrets and James’s role in it all. As James settles in at Edsen, a mysterious stranger shines a light on his past and threatens to expose the true origins of Wit’s End — thus, putting his entire literary reputation on the line.

Christopher Gould’s The Boys and Girls of America is the quintessential novel of Generation X. In it, we experience a first-hand account of the modern-day American college experience, all while basking in the glory of 90’s era pop culture. But be warned, a shocking twist awaits at the end of this unforgettable tale.

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