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The Christmas Witch, by Jaime Katusha

What if who you are doesn’t fit in with where you’re from?

Poinsettia finds joy in all things jolly and bright, but as a witch born in a dark and spooky Halloween town, this means she doesn’t really fit in. One day, Poinsettia comes up with a plan, and begins practicing her merry magic in secret. On Christmas Eve Day, with her loyal cat Tinsel by her side, Poinsettia sets out to discover her place in the world. Will who she is be enough to make a difference? And will her friends and family still accept her, even if she’s not the kind of witch they expected her to be?

The Christmas Witch takes readers on a magical adventure that celebrates our differences, encourages self-determination, and highlights the importance of being true to oneself in order to find genuine joy in life.

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