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The Crone’s Tales Fables for New Times, by J.D. Jahn

Once upon a time…

… things were going very badly. Princes were disappearing; children were at odds with their parents; lovers were lost at sea, and a baffled maiden had to choose among three virtually identical suitors. What’s worse, the wise old heads of the court and countryside were just not up to the task.

There was a Ponzi scam to be thwarted; three oily lechers to be outwitted; a jaded Prince Charming in need of invigoration. And, what about those feuding neighbors who were battling it out?

In all-new stories of commoners and kings, you’ll meet some familiar, fairy-tale figures confronting troubles as common today as they were then…and the mysterious old woman who tries to help—whether through “black arts” or practical wisdom, it’s often hard to tell.

The old woman’s tales invite you to journey back to a fabled time, when all-too-human problems could be resolved through trickery, sound advice, and even a little magic to shake things up.

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