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The Days Are Long But The Years Are Shorter, by Angel Balestier

This is the story of a self-made, second-generation Puerto Rican raised in New York City with an unyielding determination to succeed. Angel Balestier avoided the allure of organized crime, recognizing its limited prospects. A chance opportunity led him to secure a position at a commercial music recording studio, plunging him into the world of music, and dedicated himself relentlessly to mastering the trade, viewing it as his sole path to escape.

After spending several years under the guidance of legendary sound recording engineer and producer Phil Ramone, who provided his entry into the music business, Angel became enthralled by this world. A few years later, he made the life-changing decision to relocate to Los Angeles alongside renowned sound impresarios Ami Hadani and Tom Hidley. In a remarkably short span, Angel established himself as a prominent sound recording engineer. Despite the challenges, he remained unstoppable; music had become an inseparable part of his life.

The 1960s marked a pivotal era for music in Los Angeles, with the rise of significant recording studios and independent sound engineers. The British Invasion further solidified Los Angeles as the new epicenter, attracting talent from the East Coast. Before establishing his flagship facility, Group IV Recording, Angel made significant stops at MGM RECORDS, MOTOWN STUDIOS, and his independent venture, ALB Productions.

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