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The Enemy of Everything, by Michael Jones

This book might disturb you. These are not poems meant to soothe you or sing you to sleep. This is a book about revolution.

The Enemy of Everything is a poetic and visual assault on Reality itself. This radical collection of poems and illustrations forces the reader to evaluate shared life perceptions from an extreme and unusual—yet somehow familiar—point of view. On these pages are ideas that live at the innermost core of the human experience. These are the quintessential questions that we all ask, but ultimately turn away from, as we bury ourselves in the distractions of everyday survival.

As a connected poetic journey, the collection plunges the reader deep into the mysterious facets of being, examining why we exist, what we all face as conscious beings, and what we can do to realize our own collective human power. Within the rhythm and rhyme of its language is embedded an exploration of all that should matter most. These are poems aimed at the greatest enemy humanity has ever known.

The Enemy of Everything is who we all fight…from our first earthly gasp to our last dying breath.

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