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The Four, by Alexandra Haden-Douglas

What if you had a secret you could never reveal? This is the story of four teenage girls who become unlikely friends as they navigate the challenges of growing into their powers. Each possesses a unique and extraordinary secret: a witch with erratic powers which grow stronger under the full moon, a siren who transforms into various birds, a demon goddess whose sneezes cause unpredictable weather, and a hemoglobin-intolerant vampire.

As they journey through freshman year of high school they face the trials and tribulations which come with discovering and embracing their differences. Together they will battle the dark fairy world to save a friend in the magical city of New Orleans. Along the way, they encounter a collection of creatures, both magical and mortal, under the rising full moon.

The Four is a tale of friendship, acceptance, and self-discovery, infused with the whimsy of Tim Burton and the magic found only in New Orleans. This is a story of finding the courage to be yourself and embrace your unique talents, no matter how different or unusual they may seem.

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