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The Injustice in Justice, by Charmaine Loverin


It’s been almost four years since charging her ex-husband with sexual assault. Battling her third year with ALS, a severe autoimmune disease that has robbed her of her ability to speak, swallow, and walk, Charmaine has no time left. How many years will keep passing in trial adjournments and approved delay tactics? How will Charmaine defend herself with no voice?

After bravely detailing her story of assault in her Memoir, God? WTF?!, Charmaine felt a profound energetic pull to vividly share her experience with the justice system.Using her never-seen-before trial transcripts, Charmaine lifts the lid off on all of the perpetrator’s master manipulations and opens up a full chapter for former prominent Judge Marvin Zuker to share his startling opinion on how the current system is set up to fail all victims of assault and crimes.

In The Injustice in Justice, a forensic look at revictimization by Charmaine Loverin, you will be touched with shock and moved with relatability whether you’re a student or worker in Law or a survivor of assault. It is with Charmaine’s hope that you will be inspired for truth and change for all victims of sexual assault!

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