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The King’s Dreams, by Cynthia Greene

The King’s Dreams, by Cynthia Greene, helps to initiate a perspective on the journey of steps to inspire and encourage a life of dreams.

Desire, when met with truth, creates courage to blossom within a journey full of manifested dreams. When an idea is planted in a field of courage, it creates a once-in-a-lifetime journey full of surprises and moments that one would have missed if dreams were not introduced in one form or another. The king in each of us is called to a purpose that brings us higher than our thoughts can conceive if one can pursue it with commitment in place, that first step of yes and amen.

There is indeed a King of kings, Lord of lords that, if thought out from a place of worship, is enveloped in a world of possibilities that exist and were planned for each. There is life within this universe waiting for your fingerprint, your footsteps. This book is full of such a journey from different backgrounds and lifestyles. Each works together to unfold a fantastic life journey.

One starts as a child full of imagination and dreams. Start your journey today. Take up courage, hold on tight, and imagine.

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