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The Miseducation of a Traveler, by Alex Moore

Twenty-five-year-old Alex has landed in New Zealand for a short trip around the country before heading back to the US. She’s already working as a part-time instructor at a community college, so this trip is supposed to be her first big adventure in a few years. That is, until she falls in love with the country and its opportunities. She gets a working holiday visa to stay longer, something that no one else she knows has done.

What begins as a simple trip turns into a journey of discovery as she makes her way around the North and South Islands hiking through forests, cruising through Milford Sound, skydiving near Auckland, hiking on a glacier, or ziplining through Queenstown. She learns what it means to truly be alive, a stark contrast to the academic life she left behind.

The Miseducation of a Traveler is not only a love letter to New Zealand, but also a story of leaping into the unknown and seeing where it takes you.

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