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The Mommy Clique, by Barbara Altamirano

Life in suburbia is typical and ordinary—just the same old same old. Only, not in this neighborhood. Here, the impressively large homes and pure green lawns hide a much darker reality that is far from mundane.

When Beth moves back to her hometown in Connecticut to care for her ailing mother, she is forced to confront not only the ghosts of her youth but the other mothers on her street. There is Elise, the queen bee, who determines the fate of everyone and is all-controlling. There is Kelly, Elise’s sidekick and most sycophantic supporter, who secretly longs to have a voice and power of her own. There’s Ronnie, the informer, who, with her intelligence and investigative skill, digs up dirt on the others in service to the queen. And then there’s Gail, the wannabe, who is constantly striving to feel as important and valued as the others.

Looking for some mom friends, Beth seeks a place for herself within this mommy clique. Turns out they do have an available role for her: it’s called the target.

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