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The Neurosis of George Fairbanks, by Jonathan Kumar

George Fairbanks is certain God is dead, a stillborn of the clouds. He has been poisoned to death by our indifference and gluttony. George discovers his conjecture in middle age, but develops the theory throughout his life. He was an infinitely curious boy, his interest in the meaning of life piqued by the house he grew up in. George remains an ardent student and proponent of religion throughout his life though he has trouble believing it despite his desire to and worse still is the sense of forsakenness he feels from God. Because he cannot so easily accept what is being presented to him based solely on blind faith, George can no longer believe in a greater being and what’s more, can no longer justify the barbarity of the Bible. George must examine and evaluate his own existence in the realization there is no great orchestrator, no benevolent vigilant; he is alone in this world. What now are the implications of this discovery? Is life worth continuing if it will end sooner or later? Where does our moral code come from and what force governs those around us? Is the love of a good woman enough to revive him?

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