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The OCD Chronicles , by Stuart Chapman

Stalking the Bogeyman, blackmailing the shrink.

In this pulsating rollercoaster of a novel, Stan Navarro hunts the sexual predator of his childhood, hellbent on murder. But to do it, he and his girlfriend get entangled in a bat-shit crazy tango with a psychiatrist to uncover the shrink’s secret.

As a riveting portrait of obsessive-compulsive disorder, The OCD Chronicles plunges you into the delusional mind of a would-be killer. This psychodrama is a compelling odyssey of overlapping narratives—from its murky origins in the Holocaust to the whacky frontiers of an out-of-control clinical trial and the doctor who runs it. As the shrink clings to a high-wire act of hyping bogus medical research to keep him ensconced in his lavish lifestyle, he is caught in an ethical dilemma. If the trial fails and his subterfuge is revealed, then he could wind up in prison.

Confronting his personal demons with his psychiatrist, Navarro seeks to reconcile with the Doppelganger of his father. Chasing the ghost of his father, he picks up the shards of memory, unlocking a golden age of sports journalism never to be seen again. Suspenseful, amusing, a treasure trove of historical anecdote and insight, The OCD Chronicles will keep readers pondering as obsessively as its characters.

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