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the oneness of Reality: geometrical poetry, by Brock Mehler

Consciousness arises in the body.

The body arises in the world.

The world arises in consciousness.


This book is a literary work in the manner of T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets, i.e. a unified collection of metaphysical poetry exploring ideas about time, consciousness, and Reality. The poetry is somewhat unconventional in that it seeks to lead the reader away from the realm of worldly experience and toward one of greater abstraction. But such is the nature of the quest, which, in this instance, also incorporates aspects of understanding from the fields of philosophy, literature, mythology, religion and science in its attempt to address questions about the nature of human consciousness and its place in the scheme of things. 

the oneness of Reality, as its name suggests, deals with a problem that has vexed thinkers, east and west, through the ages: how, from the perspective of this dualistic manifestation that is the basis for our everyday experience, human beings can perceive the unicity which both science and religion indicate is the essential characteristic of an underlying (imperceptible) Reality. And, as the subtitle geometrical poetry notes, the book attempts to address that problem by means of a visually-based poetry that imposes its own rigorous requirements on top of those already demanded by reason and logic.

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