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The Power Within Us, by Devin Browne

Magic has returned to the world, eagerly awaiting at your fingertips. Many of us now walk the earth, recognizing, and remembering that we are more than mere humans; we are spiritual beings here once again for a human experience.

This Activation Letter recounts my journey of breaking conditioning and “waking up.” It catalyzes your inner awakening, guiding you to rediscover the magic within. Through self-acceptance, self-discovery, and the embrace of your innate magic, we are poised to bring healing and peace back into the world.

Awakening Souls, you stand on the precipice of a transformative journey. In this book you will find channeled messages from ancient Deities, enchanting Fae, majestic Dragons, and other mystical beings, the very essence of your soul will kindle with remembrance and the magic that still courses through your veins.

It is time to embrace your readiness and wake up to the enchanting possibilities that await. Your inner awakening journey begins now.

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