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The Regular, by Dave Buckhout

The Regular plies the thoroughfares of alcoholism, writing, being a southerner, and how all three fill the mash bill of one man’s unique spin on Victory! It is a documentary, but one that peddles in fact and fiction as it digs the deeper strata of truth. A home-grown prodigy of the urban South, the central character—Marvin Goodspeed—pursues a dogged defense of liberty and hearth via his dutiful use of the pen and the bottle: the former sustaining the man, the latter the myth. This is all filtered through the dutiful observation of local alternative-press journalist, Cyrus Cleburne, who spotlights the dislocating effects that history and environment, and obsessing over history and environment, can have on an individual, a culture, a region. Cleburne dials-in a tight focus, as the alcoholic wordsmith saunters about that porous zone separating who we are from who we think we are. Clinging to things “old” in the face of an unrelenting “new,” Marvin Goodspeed wages his losing battle each and every bloody day, declaring Victory! all the while.

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