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The Sacred Passage, by Mwana Wamusikavanhu

President Runo is a man who knows no boundaries, defying rules and exploiting legal loopholes to maintain his iron grip on power. With the help of cunning legal masterminds, he employs an improvisational rationality, making up the rules as he goes along.

Friendships crumble as Runo sows seeds of discord, creating factions that tear each other apart while he remains untouchable. Those who dare challenge his authority are dealt with ruthlessly – used and discarded when their political utility expires. For those who still pose a threat, he employs the insidious honey trap to silence them forever.

In The Sacred Passage, Mwana waMusikavanhu unravels the intricate web of Runo’s sadistic reign, leaving readers in awe of the depths of his depravity. With every turn of the page, you’ll be drawn into a world of ruthless politics and relentless ambition, where no elimination trick is too foul in the pursuit of power.

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