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The Saint Next Door, by Dan Jason

Saints aren’t found in stained glass windows or carved statues from centuries ago. Everyday Saints continue to walk the earth. By practicing Heaven and living love, Dan Jason believes Saints appear in our neighbors, communities, and families.

Every person is a unique creation with a distinct purpose, yet we’re all called to holiness. People put Saints on unattainable pedestals, but love is what leads to Sainthood. By opening your heart to Jesus, you’ll uncover the secret treasure found within. The apostles were powerful examples of faith who followed the Lord. They humbly allowed God to enter their hearts and work through them in order to change the world. Christ desires to transform us too and it begins with a personal relationship with him! It’s possible for everyone who accepts God’s grace.

Journey with Dan on the road to Sainthood. You weren’t made to be average, but for greatness! The Cross is extraordinarily difficult, however the uncommon road will bring your soul eternal joy. Our world needs heroes. By sharing love, you’ll build the Kingdom, leaving your mark on this generation. Sainthood is about loving others and fully trusting Jesus. Your life has unfinished business. Show up, give your best, and let the master work. Let your light shine and recognize The Saint Next Door lives in you!

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