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The Shanghai Code, by Joseph Sadighian

When Breccan Cashel, a tech-savvy lawyer on the Oregon coast, reluctantly accepts an extraordinary client—Dr. Cheng Feng, an enigmatic Chinese scientist facing extradition to New York on a murder charge—his settled and solitary life begins to unravel.

As Breccan delves deeper into Dr. Cheng’s case, he stumbles upon an astonishing secret: among the scientist’s creations is Code, a stunningly powerful and beautiful female artificial being. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Before leaving Asia for the United States, Code and Dr. Cheng worked with a covert paramilitary group, rescuing women ensnared in the clutches of a notorious criminal, Luo Gang, and his sex trafficking syndicate.

Haunted by the scars of his own emotional turmoil following a painful divorce, Breccan finds himself thrust into a perilous game of survival. A relentless hitman, Yu Fat, mercilessly pursues him on Luo Gang’s orders, transforming Breccan’s life into a heart-pounding race against time.

A riveting thriller infused with elements of science fiction, The Shanghai Code unveils the gripping tale of one man’s fight for survival. As Breccan battles not only a formidable adversary but also the demons within, the lines between personal vendettas and global threats blur.

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