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The Songs of My Family, by Jillian Arena

The idealistic world of Myra Jenkins comes crashing down when a tragic car accident changes her life forever.

Unjustly carrying the burden of the accident alone, she is forced down a path that will put her face-to-face with the children of the couple she has killed. Despite their disdain for Myra, further tragedy compels the children to ask her for an almost unthinkable act of kindness and what unfolds proves to be the thread that will ultimately reshape the tapestries of both their families forever.

The Songs of My Family is a heartfelt story of courage, resilience, and love that inspires its readers to remember the power that lies in patience and the beauty of second chances. It serves as a reminder that all things happen according to a greater plan and that we each have an inner potential that is best sourced through our deepest challenges.

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