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The Space Between Seconds, by NY Haynes

In N. Y. Haynes’ The Space Between Seconds you’ll see there is an extremely intimate wireless communication that affects both your mental and emotional state and your physical health. You’ll discover how unresolved patterns when observed and embodied allow you to claim a more vigorous and graceful life.

With creative, heartfelt insights and experience The Space Between Seconds engages you to open, nurture communication, and respond to this priceless energy. N.Y. Haynes draws a map providing challenging opportunities for fulfillment and pleasure in constructing a fear-free body that’s lovely to look at…fun to own…and great to live in!

So come on, dive in, laugh, and learn to live like the power of the ocean and the melody of the sky, because “It’s what you learn after you think you know it all that counts.”

Atmosphere Press

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