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The Special Case of Hazel Louise, by Amanda Culaccino

Dr. Dubois, a therapist working at an eating disorders treatment center in Washington, would be placed in charge of the file of Hazel Louise, a patient who changed how she viewed life forever. Hazel lived in a world of nostalgia, trauma, and pain. Dr. Dubois writes about the times when Hazel started treatment, and unexpectedly fell in love on her home pass. As Hazel was in her teenage years, heartbreak felt like the end. Luckily, what is wonderful is that there is always someone out there waiting for their soulmate.

Dr. Dubois writes a long-forgotten tale of those who struggle with mental health. She writes about Hazel’s experiences in an effort to show the world the patient behind the diagnosis. With only entries and recollections of her life in a leaflet, Dr. Dubois had a mission to transform Hazel’s words into a thought-provoking story, and now you, the reader, can enjoy and learn from The Special Case of Hazel Louise.

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