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The Sultan of Garbage, by Brian Belefant

Alex Jamieson, a disillusioned product photographer, seeks an escape from his unfulfilling life. After learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an island of discarded debris in the ocean, Alex charters a yacht to explore it, accompanied by his indifferent girlfriend Candice and her shallow friends, Evan and Nadine.

Determined to confront the true clutter in his life, Alex endures judgment and betrayal from his traveling companions and the physical challenges of the garbage island.

This poignant tale delves into the profound connection between our wasteful habits and our struggles to find purpose and meaning in a cluttered world.

The Sultan of Garbage is a captivating exploration of self-discovery and a reflection on the immense garbage we generate both externally and internally, and urges readers to contemplate their own paths amidst the chaos of modern life.

And no, the irony isn’t lost: how many trees were destroyed in order to print this book? Maybe you should buy the digital version.

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